AMERICAN FORK — Because of technical difficulties with the city's meter-reading equipment, some meters were not able to be read.

American Fork residents who do not have an amount showing in the "Present Reading" column of their bill, under the heading "Meter Reading Information," will be billed only the monthly base rate.  

With the next meter read scheduled for August (bill received in September), residents will be billed for all gallons used over the monthly base allowance (6,000 gallons per month) between the period of the previous meter read (March) and the August meter read.

The August bill will be higher than normally expected due to billing for water usages between the extended period of March 2012 and August 2012. Residents will continue to be billed the monthly base rate until the August 2012 meter read.

Residents can contact the city offices at 801-763-3000 with questions, concerns, or for the option of possible pre-payments in anticipation of the higher August bill. 

The city apologizes for any undue inconvenience this may cause.