SYRACUSE — An overloaded power strip started a fire that destroyed a home and displaced a family last week, fire officials said.

The fire, which started Friday in the garage of the house at 3950 W. Baltimore Circle in Syracuse, burned a total of three cars, the garage and most of the upstairs of the home. Syracuse Police Chief Brian Wallace said the home is a complete loss, estimate in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"The house is a total loss, they said they are just going to knock it down to the foundation," Wallace said. "It was probably, in good times, a $250,000 house but nowadays they are selling for a couple hundred thousand."

Strong winds pushed the fire towards a few other homes, but firefighters were able to contain the fire before it was able to spread.

A neighbor was the first to notice the fire and told the homeowners to evacuate. Nobody was injured in the blaze.

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