A screenshot from the Alabama Birmingham Mission, which reports all missionaries safe after a shooting in the area.

Safety update: Sometimes being a mission president has to be stressful. You get a glimpse of that in these two simple blog post updates from President Richard Neitzel Holzapfel of the Birmingham Alabama Mission. The first “Safety Update” reads “All is well in Alabama! There has been a shooting near the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa this morning. Our missionaries in Tuscaloosa and Northport are safe and sound in their apartments and will remain indoors until the suspect is apprehended.” A few hours later, the second “Tuscaloosa Update" was posted: “The Tuscaloosa shooter is in custody. Our missionaries are safe and now out ‘doing good!’” Stressful but awesome.

Mormon comedian: Jenna Kim Jones loves laughter and New York City. She has been dubbed the “swearing police” because she scrubs Jon Stewart scripts of off-color language so the network knows when to bleep it on the air. Did I mention she’s funny? Oh, and she’s a Mormon. Click to watch this marvelous new profile that is sure to bring a smile (if not outright laughter) to your face.

Baptism cards: A blogger saw a good idea at her nephew’s baptism and decided to replicate it, as a downloadable printable: “In June our nephew was baptized, so we all headed down to Highland, Utah, to attend his baptism…As we were waiting for my nephew to get dressed and return, a woman (I’m assuming the Primary president) had a cute little bucket filled with pens and cards. Anyone who wanted to write something to my nephew just took a card and then wrote their thoughts, feelings, testimony, or words of advice onto the card. The next day in Primary they would hand the cards to my nephew. I loved the idea, and the cards, so I decided to make some and share them with all of you. I loved this idea because years from now my nephew can look at those cards and read the words from friends and family that wrote to him on his special day.” Click in to print out these delightful Baptism Note Cards.

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