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Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Police and fire fighters respond to a helicopter crash at Skypark Airport in Woods Cross Monday, July 16, 2012. Both occupants walked away from the accident.

WOODS CROSS — Nobody was injured after a helicopter crashed to the ground at the Sky Park airport in Woods Cross Monday.

I expected the worst, I was dialing 911 as I was running (to the crash site)," Steve Newman, who witnessed the crash, said. "When they were cartwheeling you could see arms and legs flying around, all the windows are broken out, the one guy started crawling out but I expected the other guy to be in pretty bad shape. But we're glad they're both just bruised up and doing good."

Police and rescue crews responded to the scene after the helicopter skidded about 84 feet and rolled several times, Greg Butler with the Woods Cross Police Department said.

The pilot of the aircraft was unable to recover after a student lost control while performing a manuever. They were part of a training program with Upper Limit Aviation, based in Salt Lake City.

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