SALT LAKE CITY — In partnership with Momentum Recycling, Salt Lake City will launch a curbside recycling pilot program beginning in October.

The optional service will initially be provided in neighborhoods where demand is greatest, based on early sign-ups.

City subscribers will be able to place all colors of glass jars and bottles in a bin provided by Momentum Recycling. Residents can also opt to receive a reminder of their monthly collection day via email, text message or phone call.

Cost to participate in the voluntary program will be $6 per month. The fee will be included in the city water bill for those who opt in.

Momentum Recycling will process the recycled glass from the program into a raw material that can be manufactured into a wide range of products including fiberglass, containers, water filters and other items.

Salt Lake City will continue to offer drop-off recycling locations for glass in addition to the new voluntary curbside collection program.

Residents can subscribe now or find out more information by visiting or calling Momentum Recycling at 801-983-3673