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"Murder by the way" is a novel by Betsy Brannon Green.

"MURDER BY THE WAY," by Betsy Brannon Green, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 280 pages (f)

Kennedy Killingsworth is ready to travel the road to her own happily ever after, following a failed marriage to Cade Burrell and two earlier threats to her life, as author Betsy Brannon Green delves into in the previous novels "Murder by the Book" and "Murder by Design."

Green’s third installment of the story, the newly-released "Murder by the Way," proves to be an entertaining murder mystery.

On the morning of Kennedy's wedding, she unfortunately discovers that she must take a detour to happiness, let alone a honeymoon detour, when her fiance, Luke Scoggins, shows up on her front porch with an unwelcome guest, Lt. Dempsey. Luke must stay with Lt. Dempsey at all times before he is taken away to be questioned in a war crimes court-martial trial.

Luke leaves after a quick ceremony and reception, but Kennedy does not have enough time to be heartbroken over the inconvenient and untimely detour as she encounters a possible murder, escaped convicts, and is offered a new job working for an old friend. As Kennedy pursues leads in this new mystery, she is detoured once again as the road does not lead to escaped convicts but rather friends she has trusted, unfortunately, with her own life.

Though this is the author's third book in the series, "Murder By The Way" stands well on its own and can be enjoyed without reading the previous books. However, readers need to be cautioned that they can easily solve this "whodunit" mystery long before the main character puts all of the clues together, making the ending a little frustrating for readers who prefer sophisticated twists and turns.

“Murder by the Way” will entertain all the way to a satisfying end. The book is free of inappropriate language and violence.

Alicia Cunningham is a graduate of Brigham Young University and George Mason School of Law. A mother of four, she teaches American government and intellectual property law at Neumont University. She blogs at bloggingonbooks.wordpress.com.