CEDAR HILLS — Nine candidates vying for mayor of Cedar Hills will be interviewed in a special meeting of the City Council Thursday, officials announced Friday.

The candidates include City Councilman Gary Gygi and at least four members of the group Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government: Ken Cromar, Jerry Dearinger, Paul Sorensen and Angela Johnson.

Residents Curt Crosby, Orson Hermann, Corey Jackson and Michael McGee are also seeking the position.

Councilwoman Stephanie Martinez has been serving as mayor pro tempore since the resignation of former mayor Eric Richardson on June 24. 

Officials said Thursday's meeting is open to the public and will include 30 minutes for questions submitted in advance by residents. Questions should not be directed at individual candidates and will be screened prior to the meeting for relevance to city business and concerns. 

Information about the meeting and instructions for submitting questions can be found on the Cedar Hills website.

Benjamin Wood