Take the Facebook quiz. quiz: Head on over to the Facebook page to take a 14-question quiz that seeks to find out “What do you know about Mormons?” Then send it to and share it with your friends and family to see what they think.

Old Testament: There is a new Mormon Messages YouTube video playlist full of “Old Testament Visual Resources” to help with teaching, personal study, family home evening activities andd more. Click in to peruse all 67 videos to find something for your family today.

Gilbert Temple: I somehow missed this awesome compilation of Gilbert Temple pictures Photoshopped by some “Creative People.” My favorite is the one made completely of temple-related words. How awesome is that! But check them all out!

Character study: For your free printables today, check out these “Book of Mormon Study” sets that you can print off to give to your children. These prompts can serve to help focus study and find insights. Twenty-one people are included, but this blogger additionally provides blank pages for those not included. Awesome!