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Pete Widfeldt, CanIGetaCopy.com
From left, Samantha Frisby is Sandra, T’Naiha Ellis is Natalie/Ed, Jacob Porter is Dennis and Jordan Dickison is Chad in "All Shook Up" at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre.

ALL SHOOK UP; SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre; 699 S. State St., Orem; directed by Jennifer Reed; now through July 21; tickets available at www.scera.org or at the door; running time, 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission

OREM — "All Shook Up" is a light, romantic comedy written to showcase Elvis tunes.

It isn't supposed to be intense, deep or even particularly realistic.

So it isn't.

But other than a fairly obvious change to a couple of characters (they are white instead of black), the show is pretty well-done, and it's easy to watch.

Jim Murphy, as the father of the female mechanic in love with the hip-swiveling, guitar-playing roustabout, shines in his role. He makes what is usually only a bit part into a nice dose of comic relief.

Jordan Dickison is Chad — the roustabout who's just traveling through town in search of a little love — or pretty much Elvis in looks and moves. He sings the songs nicely, too. He's totally amusing in the second act as he tries to deal with his attraction to Ed.

T’naiha Ellis, as Natalie, is fun in her part as she tries to get the roustabout to notice she's a girl with potential.

Of course, part of the problem is that she tries to get closer to him by pretending to be a boy, and that confuses the issue, both for her and for Chad who is horrified to find he's drawn to her/him.

The other problem is that Chad is drawn to Sandra, the art museum owner, who is attracted to Ed/Natalie, who wants Chad while Natalie fails to notice her best friend, Dennis, is in love with her. Jim doesn't realize the bar owner loves him because he wants Sandra. Meanwhile, Sheriff Earl has a crush on Mayor Matilda.

It's a big romantic mess for a while — until people start telling each other what's in their hearts and dreams, nobody is happy.

Along the way, though, there's a number of pretty funny one-liners and lots of enjoyable dancing that includes some young kids who aren't afraid to show off their abilities.

If you like Elvis music and don't mind a thin plot line totally created around the iconic songs, this musical will entertain you.

It's colorful, full of rhythm and has not one — but at least four — happy endings.