With summer in full swing, the vacation season elicits an online cascade of booklists and reading groups.

"Eager for some high-octane thrillers to fill the hours, or do you have more challenging reading plans? What about the kids? How are you going to keep them busy?" asked the Los Angeles Times, announcing the advent of "selections appealing to the armchair travelers out there, fitness and outdoors lovers and those with a taste for the quirky and unconventional too." KJ Dell'Antonia's Summer Motherlode Book Club will be bring in "something that a parent and an older child can enjoy," the Times blogger promises.

Over at the Huffington Post, actor James Franco offers something for adults with something specific in mind. Beginning with a recommendation for Elwood Reid's "If I Don't Six," he confesses, "Sometimes people ask me for book recommendations. I know that many of my younger co-tars will be taken with the 'Hunger Games' trilogy and the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' books this summer, but I thought I'd write a series of posts talking about a few books that I have been enjoying this summer."

As an "official kick-off of the summer season," Susan Schoenberger at grotonpatch.com introduces "a list of recommendations to get you through those days on the beach or by the pool," which, among others, include her favorite new releases, classics, nonfiction and local authors.

Rachel Lowry is a reporter intern for the Deseret News.