Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, right, talks with his son, George P. Bush, after greeting President Bush on his arrival at Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Fla., Tuesday, March 18, 2008.

A new George Bush — George P. Bush, to be precise — is laying the groundwork for an ambitious political career, The Atlantic's Molly Ball reported Tuesday.

"His great-grandfather was a senator, his grandfather and uncle presidents, his father governor of Florida," Ball wrote. "Now a new George Bush is contemplating going into the family business.

"George Prescott Garnica Bush, known to friends as 'P,' is not just a chip off the old preppy block. The 36-year-old son of Jeb Bush and nephew of W. is Hispanic — his mother, Columba, is from Mexico — with brown skin, thick black hair, and a toothy, gleaming smile. He's a lawyer, a Navy vet who served in Afghanistan, and a political fundraiser. ... It's as if the ruling class kept pumping out new, less WASPy, more modern products to keep up with changing demand."

The New York Times' The Caucus blog detailed Tuesday that George P. Bush "was on a trip to Washington to promote his political action committee (MavPAC). ... In an interview with reporters after a breakfast meeting, he said Republicans needed to find an 'honest solution to the immigration problem,' and both parties should commit to a bipartisan plan that recognized a 'need for labor in our country and the need of enforcing, for purposes of national security, our immigration laws.'"

Earlier this week, Bush co-authored a guest op-ed piece for Politico headlined "Youth not served by the president."

"It’s incumbent on young voters to fight for a vision that will allow a birth of the next great generation," Bush and Brad Dayspring wrote. "Look within yourselves and rediscover your hope. If you disagree with the direction of change — be heard in November."