Watch three new videos about the importance of "Helping in the Vineyard."

Vineyard helping: Want to learn more about the power of helping in the Well, I have three handy videos that describe, in simplified, bright, graphic-laden detail, exactly how the Vineyard works and how it helps. Learn how it is “Service By A Worldwide Community” or how “Your Service Makes a Difference.” Or if you want to see it in action, watch this piece on the “Goodman Family: Serving as a Family.”

Russian Hooray, there is now an “Country Website for Russia.” As Larry Richman explains, “Country sites are based on a language version of, but they have additional local content and messages from the Area Presidency specific to that country.” Additionally, Richman handily outlines (with pictures) how to access these sites. Click in to learn more.

Emma Smith: Yesterday marked the 208th birthday of Emma Smith. To celebrate, this blogger interviewed LDS Church curator and historic sites historian Mark Staker in an effort to better understand this remarkable and famous woman in Mormondom. Here’s a sampling from the fascinating interview: “Perhaps one of Emma’s greatest strengths was her ability to give up the material comforts for what she believed was right. When Emma married Joseph Smith she married someone who had few of the things she enjoyed. He lacked her education. He grew up without life’s comforts. His family did not enjoy the high status and political influence her family held. The girls Emma’s age filled their diaries with discussions of wedding plans with fine cakes covered in sugar plums, ornate ceremonies in their parents' parlor, and lots of wedding guests from the community. Emma gave all that up to marry the man of her choice. Emma also left all of her extra clothing behind and an assemblage of furniture, cows and other possessions she had collected before she married Joseph. She did not know if she would ever get those things back.” Wow!

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