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, Salt Lake City School District
East High School athletic logo concept

SALT LAKE CITY — The district has announced new brand identity concepts for East, Highland, and West high schools. The district communications department has worked closely with the schools to develop a series of logo concepts to be used in all school communications.

This process will also include new websites with mobile users in mind. The district aims to share these concepts with the community and various stakeholder groups to receive feedback on each item.

The public is asked to review the materials presented in the websites listed below and consider how they may represent each high school in the many forms each item may be used: on websites, banners, letterhead, jerseys, T-shirts, athletic gear, publications, promotional items, etc.

Those who would like to share their thoughts are asked to do so by participating in the poll question below each concept, or by contacting Andy Shaffer at [email protected].

The websites are: East High School — east.slcschools.org/branding, Highland High School — highland.slcschools.org/branding, West High School — west.slcschools.org/branding.