Associated Press Photo and Apple Inc
Google's maps, which are featured on iPhone 3Gs and other iPhone products, won't be available on iOS 6. Apple's new maps app aims to provide more information about businesses.

Apple's iOS 6 will have brand-new maps after the company announced it will be dropping Google Maps from its iOS devices. Besides having 3D features, Apple's new map app will work closely with Yelp to try to improve local business data, according to Sprout Insights.

These new maps will feature information from Yelp about various businesses, photos and reviews. Users can easily write their own reviews about a business and check-in through links featured on the map, according to the article.

As more people are publishing quick reviews and tips about various businesses these reports can be shown on Twitter and Facebook.

"This likely means you'll see a lot more people talking about your business on these social media platforms," said the article.

Apple's maps will also team up with OpenTable, which helps people make reservations with the touch of a finger.