Mormon Messages
A depiction of Jesus Christ giving the Sermon on the Mount in a new Bible Video.

Sermon video: One of the most famous sermons in world history is now a magnificent Bible Video. “The Sermon on the Mount: The Beatitudes” is the first in a series highlighting Jesus Christ’s prophetic words, commandments and counsel found in his beautiful biblical sermon. Please watch with your family and share with your friends!

Power outages: Were you some of the millions without power this week? “True Experience: Lessons Learned from Power Outages in Eastern U.S.” highlights the importance of being prepared: “Lessons learned? If a storm of this magnitude is predicted, go get ice immediately. Also, make sure you have enough batteries. And, fill up your car with gasoline. I had to go into work twice yesterday and the added 80 miles would have been tough if I had not gotten gas early Saturday morning.” Click in to learn more and find some links to resources to help you get prepared.

Bananas FHE: Go bananas over this sweet “Family Home Evening” theme, which included a banana lesson, banana games. You’ll never guess what was on the menu for the treat. Click in and go bananas for your family home evening tonight!

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