Brian Nicholson, Deseret News archive
It takes faith and courage at times to share the Book of Mormon.

"Faith" and "courage" are the two outstanding words that appear on my ring along with "Choose the Right." I try to exercise those words every day when it comes to missionary work.

I have been an introvert all of my life. However, missionary work has helped me share with others. Our ward mission leader began having Saturday breakfast with several men on a regular basis. They discuss their various religious beliefs. He invited me, a ward missionary, to join them. I did so reluctantly.

Recently, I was able to place two copies of the Book of Mormon with them. So far, the morning discussions have turned mostly to our beliefs in a positive way. One of these men, a minister in another church, has used the discussions, positively, in his sermons.

Encouraged by this, I was able to place two more copies of the Book of Mormon with two men of another faith — one in German and one in English. Truly, faith and courage are the bywords to help us go forward with the Lord's commandment in missionary work.

William B. Caudle II lives in Summertown, Tenn.