Pickleville Playhouse
Eric Sackett, Derek Davis, Jacob Swain and Spencer Carter are the performing group in "Forever Plaid" at the Pickleville Playhouse.

"FOREVER PLAID," Pickleville Playhouse, Garden City, through Sept. 8; picklevilleplayhouse.com; running time one hour 45 minutes with one intermission

GARDEN CITY, Utah — If you're worried that a more serious show like "Forever Plaid" can't compete with the Bandito shows at Pickleville Playhouse, never fear.

The Pickleville version of this show is absolutely hilarious with goofy characters, who aren't sure they can remember what they're doing, and really silly choreography.

And yet, the actors sing with a lush, full blend of voices and sound as if they've harmonized together for years.

The contrast works well for this show as these four guys show up for the show they were scheduled to put on just before they died.

They're confused and terrified but they soldier on.

Derek Davis is Smudge, Jacob Swain is Sparky, Eric Sackett is Jinx and Spencer Carter is Frankie. Each one gets repeated opportunities to shine and they take full advantage.

Luke Shepherd is the pianist and Robyn Peterson and Thomas Pratt provide percussion and bass accompaniment.

With props that range from plumber's helpers to a spoon and a Coke bottle, the foursome do amazing and funny things.

They recreate “The Ed Sullivan Show” in a high-speed frenzy.

They become the Beatles singing "She Loves You, Yes, Siree!"

They sing deep with "16 Tons" and make no apology for deliberately mining a little too deep with the final note.

In one song, they draft an audience member to play the top hand of "Heart and Soul." (Don't volunteer for this unless you're sure.)

“Forever Plaid,” directed by Andrea Davis, is all good, clean fun and makes for lots of laughs.

Don't go without high expectations.

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