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, Michael Radice
An ambulance was involved in a car accident while transporting a patient to the hospital.

SOUTH OGDEN — One woman was killed and several people were injured Friday after a North Davis Ambulance collided with several vehicles at the intersection of Sunset Drive and U.S. 89.

The ambulance, with its sirens and lights on, was transporting a patient to Ogden Regional Medical Center when the accident occurred around 11 a.m.

Police said a white Buick was southbound on Sunset Drive. As it entered the intersection on a green light, the ambulance struck the Buick.

Arlene Logan, 88, of South Ogden was the passenger inside the Buick, she did not survive, South Ogden police spokeswoman Marci Edwards said.

Logan was being taken to the hospital by her son for a doctor's appointment when they passed through a green light and was hit.

"He's got some broken ribs and feels very, very badly about what happened," another of Logan's sons, LaRon, said about his brother that was driving the Buick. "He felt comfortable with her knowing that she went peacefully and we're very happy for that."

Logan's family said she will be greatly missed but that they are thankful for the many memories the have to hold on to. Logan had 28 grandchildren, 60 great grandchildren with 3 more on the way.

After hitting the Buick, the ambulance struck two other vehicles that were stopped at the red light, she said.

A total of 11 people were involved in the accident. Six people were hurt, five in the ambulance. 

"The crew that was in the emergency vehicle that had the accident, they're in stable (condition), and a couple received minor injuries. One has a broken arm, but they all seem to be doing well," Deputy North Davis Fire Chief Mark Becraft said. "They are pretty shaken up about the whole incident."

The Utah Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

Contributing: Devon Dolan