GUNNISON — Two of Kevin Blanke's victims came together Tuesday to fight to keep their kidnapper in prison for the rest of his life.

"I want him to know that I'm the one that's in power and in control, and he's not," said Jenny Galvez, who was kidnapped and raped by Blanke in 1997.

Blanke went before a member of the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole Tuesday wearing a white jumpsuit and using a cane to walk. He is incarcerated for his crimes against Galvez, as well as the attempted kidnapping of a young child in 2002.

That child, Isabelle Siwik, is now 16 years old. She also attended Tuesday's hearing.

"I was not going to come because I was too scared to look at him," Siwik said. "But I did."

Blanke apologized for kidnapping Galvez, but when he was asked several times if he had raped her, he replied, "I never pled guilty to that, your honor."

During his first parole hearing in 2006, Blanke said drugs were to blame when he kidnapped Galvez in 1997.

"I would like her to know how the combination of marijuana and meth can cause a person to lose themself and to lose who they really are, and I want her to know how deeply sorry I am that all this happened," Blanke said.

Galvez, who was 15 at the time, says she can't forgive Blanke if he will not own up to what he did.

"I was so mad, I wanted to yell out during (the hearing) that he's a liar," she said.

Anger is what prompted Galvez to push for a change in the law prevented prosecutors from charging Blanke with rape because of the statute of limitations. He was sentenced to serve one to 15 years for kidnapping.

Galvez's case led to an increase in the statute of limitations for rape, from four years to eight. It has since changed again, so now there's no time limit.

Isabelle Siwik was just 6 years old when Blanke took her from a park in 2002. Ten years later, the memories still haunt her.

"I can honestly say I don't trust a lot of people," Siwik said. "I have a lot of trust issues."

Blanke pleaded guilty to attempted child kidnapping and is serving a life sentence for that crime. Tuesday, he claimed he had innocent intentions when he took Siwik after seeing the girl alone at a TRAX stop.

Blanke's sister supported him, saying he is a good man who has served enough time in prison.

The sentencing guideline for Blanke's convictions is 96 months, which he's already served. The board member said he believes Blanke raped Galvez and had intentions to sexually assault Siwik.

The board member said he wouldn't consider a release until Blanke receives sex offender treatment, and said he will recommend another hearing in 10 years.

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