Matt Rourke, Associated Press

Outside of sales on products specific to upcoming summer holidays, popular food product and entertainment prices varied minimally this month. The total cost of this month's Deseret News shopping cart was just a dollar more than last month.

The cost has risen more than 16 percent since the first venture in September 2009, according to our monthly shopping spree.

The prices of a number of household items, including bread, milk, hamburger and diapers, rose this month. Frozen corn jumped dramatically, in comparison to past months, but prices otherwise remained consistent with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's projected 2.5 to 3.5 percent overall rise of "food-at-home" this year.

While grocery prices continue a slow, steady climb, albeit rather moderately this month, grocery stores are catering to summer holiday festivities and vacation plans at the onset of July. A number of sales at most stores drove the price of eggs and laundry detergent down. Orange juice and ice cream have fallen slightly, aiding shoppers who will splurge on foods enjoyed on the back porch with family and friends. The price of a large takeout pepperoni pizza ordered to-go remained stable, as did banana prices.

Not all holiday-friendly products went on sale. The price of Oreos rose, due to a birthday special in packaging. "On March 6th, Oreo turned 100 years young today," Nabisco announced on its website. "Since 1912, we've made it our business to make life a little less serious. In a world that's become far too adult, a couple of Oreo cookies, a glass of milk, and a shared Twist, Lick and Dunk is all it takes to set your inner kid loose. Celebrate the kid inside of us."

Gas prices have been climbing steadily, up 20 cents this month and peaking to nearly $2 more today than June 1. However, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report from July 2, local gas prices are at a steady decline within this week alone.

The overall price climb is largely due to a rise in movie tickets. Admissions, coupled with a medium popcorn and soda, increased more than 7 percent this month, as theaters geared up for upcoming summer releases.

The Deseret News takes an imaginary shopping trip to five different popular supermarkets across the Salt Lake Valley at the beginning of each month to compare prices and determine averages of common grocery items. No one store has a monopoly on best or worst prices.