Jason Olson, Deseret News
Nancy Lee fills eclairs at BYU's Culinary Support Center in Provo in August 2010. Culinary services is one of the industries that doesn't have the risk of being outsourced.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost to outsourcing, according to Investopedia. As such, it may be wise to enter industries that will not outsource jobs.

Sending an appliance to another country for repairs would mean weeks of wait time. Because of this, repair technicians' jobs are safe, according to the article. It also says culinary services are safe because of Americans’ love for eating out.

The healthcare industry is protected because "doctors need to see their patients to properly evaluate them, and many therapies and procedures require a literal hands-on presence," said the article. Those that are facing trial also need someone in-person. However, there are other legal services that are being outsourced, albeit minimally, such as wills.

Some educators teach classes online, but the disadvantages keep many teachers' jobs safe, the article said.