Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Elizabeth Plehn, a stay-at-home mom, works on her cupcake catering business in 2007. Balancing work and family life can be done, according to INC.

A working mom might often feel like she's being stretched in a million different directions. But there are ways moms can have a successful career and still be committed to their family, according to INC.

Be the best employee, especially if children haven't come into the picture yet. Show the boss potential by working longer hours and sacrificing leisure time.

"You will move up quicker, gain more experience and you'll feel much better about taking some of the time back when you do have children," according to the article.

While deciding on a career, make sure it is family-friendly. Some careers still haven't established a culture for working moms.

It's important for working moms to stick to their standards and let their standards be known.

"I walk out of this office every day at 5:30, so I'm home for dinner with my kids, and interestingly, I've been doing that since I had kids," said Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, to Inc.

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