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FamilySearch is set to possibly hit a huge indexing goal today.

Five million: Genealogy bloggers are reporting that an amazing family history record could be set as soon as today — a “5 Million Record Day!” The FamilySearch Facebook page explains, “July 2, 2012 (or 1st, depending on your time zone), is going to be an amazing day! We can feel it!

"It could be the first day that we achieve '5 Million Name' fame. That's right. It might be the day that we index and arbitrate 5 million names (or records) in just 24 hours! No other name transcription project that we know of has ever come close. Together, we've achieved unbelievable success in the past three months. Our highest day for indexing and arbitrating combined — for the last three months and in the history of indexing — was April 30th. On that day, we reached 4.9 million records submitted. Amazing! We nearly made 5 million with just our everyday effort!”

How amazing is that? Click here to learn more, especially if you want to join in this historic effort.

Children printable: What are “4 Questions to Ask Your Kids Every Day?" This blogger has put together a darling printable with these four questions that can help parents and children keep conversations honest and open: “What did you LEARN today that you didn't know yesterday? If you could CHANGE one thing about today, what would it be? What did you DO that was kind for someone else? What is something you're THANKFUL for today?”

Click in to download and print. And hey, this could be a great family home evening activity!

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