Melanie Larsen
Remembering Grandma as we eat gumdrop bars and talk about our memories of her.

Even with the reassuring influence of the gospel of Jesus Christ, losing a loved one is sometimes very difficult. At specific times during the year, like holidays or the birthday or death date of the one who has passed on, emptiness can be felt.

Our family has a tradition to help us honor and remember these family members. Around the birthday of each deceased loved one, I prepare or purchase a food item that reminds us of that particular person. For example, my husband has fond memories of visiting with his grandmother in her kitchen while enjoying her freshly baked gumdrop bars. On her birthday, I make this recipe and, as we sit around the table to eat it, each of us shares something we remember about her.

Sometimes tears are shed, but always smiles and love abound. Some of our younger children don't remember her, so through this tradition they have learned a few things about her. These experiences have helped us "turn our hearts to our fathers" and helped us fill each of these special days with sweet memories.

Melanie Larsen is a resident of Davis County and mother of four. Email: [email protected]