Charles Dharapak, Associated Press
Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney says the Supreme Court's health care decision has injected "greater urgency" in the presidential contest.

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Donations pour in from the Republican rank-and-file. Politico's Alexander Burns reported Thursday night, "The Romney campaign has raised $3.2 million online since the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the Affordable Care Act, a Romney aide tells me. The news here is that Romney's tapping into conservative small-donor enthusiasm."

Taxation becomes a more formidable issue for wooing independents. "The Supreme Court (provided) fresh political opportunities for Mitt Romney even as it handed the president a legal victory," Karen Tumulty and Nia-Malika Henderson wrote for the Washington Post. "Chief among those new lines of attack is the court’s determination that the law’s individual mandate — the penalty it would impose on people who refuse to buy insurance — amounts to a tax. … 'The most effective argument for Romney is that this is a massive tax increase that will impact hardworking Americans,' said GOP strategist Ron Bonjean, who worked for a number of Republican leaders on Capitol Hill. 'By adding the health-care tax to economic hardships people are feeling, it will quickly become a rallying cry to win over independents in battleground states.'”

President Obama loses potential "campaign scare issue." Real Clear Politic's Erin McPike reported, "Veteran GOP strategist Mike Murphy, who has advised Romney in the past, … added that the decision will keep Obama from using the Supreme Court as a 'wider campaign scare issue with independent voters.'"