Mormon Message YouTube Channel
A scene from the new Mormon Message video "Saving Your Marriage."

Marriage video: “A marriage, like a human life, is a precious, living thing,” says Elder Dallin H. Oaks in this new Mormon Messages YouTube video that takes the viewer into the emergency room. The juxtaposition of the man in the hospital bed with Elder Oaks’ counsel on “Saving Your Marriage” is powerful. Please watch and share.

Mormon history: Here is your friendly reminder that the Mormon History Association 2012 is taking place right now (through Sunday morning) in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m covering various history stories and will be tweeting fascinating tidbits from the presentations. Follow me (and others) at the Twitter hashtag #MHA2012.

Faith geography: “For the member of any faith, moving is hard. When you arrive in a new place, you have to unpack, acquaint yourself with neighbors and neighborhood customs, figure out the commute and accustom yourself to the traffic patterns. You also have to find a place to worship. Mormons, though, don’t need to shop around for a congregation. Each congregation is connected to a specific geographic area. Where you live determines the congregation of which you are a member, and you are immediately welcomed into that community. You always have a place (a congregation) as a Mormon, no matter where you move.” Click in to read this lovely essay on “Mormons and the Geography of Faith” at MIT’s CoLab Radio.

Free printable: One of my favorite proverbs has been beautifully transformed into a free printable, courtesy of the Mormon Mommy Blog. Click in to view, download, print and then frame or share “Trust in the Lord.”

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