OREM — Each Orem firefighter now carries a specialized multipurpose tool that can cut glass, thanks to a grant from a national eatery founded by firemen.

The Firehouse Subs Hometown Hero's grant made it possible for the fire division of the Orem Department of Public Safety to purchase 82 additional Bowrings, outfitting its force with the cutting tool used to quickly cut windshields out of a car, among other important functions.

One of the tools was used May 16 to free an officer after he became trapped in his patrol car when it rolled in an accident, according to Orem police Sgt. Craig Martinez. He said the accident "shows just how invaluable of a tool the Bowring is to our department."

The accident was investigated by the Utah Highway Patrol and the driver of the vehicle that hit the patrol car was cited for running a red light.