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Screenshot from the newly updated Church History Catalog.

Catholic blogger: “…I came to this realization, and it’s this: I found this blog, NattheFatRat.com through some friends of mine who have a mild addiction to what are commonly called, ‘Mormon Mommy Blogs.’ These friends are highly educated, devout Catholics. Some are married, some have children, and some are single. Most of them read a lot of various sites every day, everything from political and national news, to Catholic news and blogs, to cultural commentary. But they’re quick to tell me that these Mormon women’s blogs are often the first places on the web that inspire them, help them keep perspective, and, strangely, motivate them to live their own Catholic faith more authentically.” I love when Mormons inspire others and this Catholic woman’s blog post “Mormon Mommy Blogs and the Quest for Peace” spotlighting that is such a refreshing, delightful read. Click in for more.

Library catalog: I teased to the LDS Church History Library Catalog a few days ago, and am pleased as punch to see these helpful new Church History Catalog videos newly uploaded to Mormon Messages YouTube channel. Let Gideon Tolman, an everyday member of the church, Christine Cox, a librarian at the Church History Library, and Joseph Soderborg, an independent researcher, each tell you how the Church History Library Catalog can be used. Get excited about this amazing new resource that as these videos explain, isn’t just for historians and researchers, but everyone wanting to know more about their own family history as well discover church history gems.

Timeline photos: As a twist, the Mormon Mommy Blogs are not offering a printable this week, but instead some downloadable “LDS Facebook Timeline Cover Photos” to upload to your Facebook account. And as they explain “These Facebook timeline photos are cute, and it’s actually a really easy way to share your love of the gospel with friends.” So click in to view, download and use!

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