Mormon Messages YouTube channel
A scene from the "Secret Agent" Homefront commercial.

Homefront commercials: Remember the classic “Drink of Water” or the “Secret Agent” or one of my favorites, the “Swashbuckler”? These are three of 30 newly uploaded Homefront commercials on the newest Mormon Message playlist of the same name. Click in and spend a few minutes watching fun and inspritional messages, as they all conclude, “from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” This would also make a fun lesson of family home evening enhancements.

Mormon Battalion: Oh no! We just were in San Diego for a family vacation and we forgot to check out out the newly updated “Mormon Battalion Museum” and, from the report of this blog, we completely missed out on a grand family adventure. So in hopes that others don’t make our same mistake, click in to find out all about this San Diego Mormon Battalion Historic Site, complete with panning for gold!

FHE lesson: I just laughed at the name of this blog “Give Them Heaven” and then also liked the content of this “FHE: Special Lessons” that teaches children about caring for those with special needs, based on a talk by Elder Ronald A. Rasband, of the presidency of the Seventy. Included are many ideas for object lessons as well as craft, song and treat suggestions. Check it out!

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