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Brad Wilcox speaks about learning, not earning, heaven in a 45-minute talk on CD.

"LEARNING (NOT EARNING) HEAVEN," by Brad Wilcox, Deseret Book, $14.99, 45 minutes (nf)

While on an airplane flight, Trish Wilcox, Brad Wilcox's daughter-in-law, was asked by a man if she believed it was possible to earn her way to heaven.

"Absolutely not!" she replied, and her father-in-law was so proud.

The experience presented an opportunity for Brad Wilcox to discuss "Learning (Not Earning) Heaven" in a 45-minute talk on CD.

"Do you really believe you can earn your way to heaven?" Brad Wilcox answers, "Absolutely not! We are not paying our way into heaven. We are preparing for it."

Through simple yet powerful analogies and moving personal experiences, Wilcox reminds us that the miracle of the Atonement is that not only can we be cleansed and consoled, but we can be transformed.

"It's a lofty goal and a long and difficult process," Wilcox says. "When we get discouraged, it is easy to feel like giving up. But we can find renewed motivation when we feel God's love and power. Keep trying. Keep practicing. It will be worth it — not because we are earning a treasure in heaven, but because we are learning to treasure heavenly things."

Wilcox is an associate professor of education at Brigham Young University and currently serves as a member of the LDS Church's Sunday School general board.

"Learning (Not Earning) Heaven" ($14.99) is available wherever LDS books are sold.

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