Desert Star
"Addams Family Home Evening"

“The Addams Family Home Evening,” Desert Star Playhouse, Murray, through Aug. 25, $13.95-$9.95, or 801-266-2600

MURRAY — Desert Star has done it again. In this case, “it” happens to be providing a fun show that combines music and comedy in a family-friendly environment that patrons of all ages are sure to enjoy.

“The Addams Family Home Evening” is set in present-day Utah County and follows two families from very different backgrounds. The plot follows the wealthy if somewhat sneaky Measley family, who is trying to buy all the land in the area in order to further their business interests.

The last remaining holdouts to sell their property, the Addams family are somewhat peculiar. In fact, they are more “creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky,” as the theme song for the 1964-1966 TV series that family members are loosely based on would describe them. Included in this family is the hilarious Uncle Cosmo, who is based on the classic "Seinfeld" character of Cosmo Kramer.

As the play moves on toward the finale, the plot changes to include a love story between Horace Measley and Dementia Addams, amid protests from both sets of parents and a crazy ex-girlfriend in this self-described “mash-up of monsters and Mormons.”

After the play, the cast interacted with the audience, as is standard at Desert Star shows, singing “Happy Birthday to Y’all,” due to the large number of people celebrating birthdays. Cast members also pointed out that summer is often a patriotic time of year, so military veterans were honored before moving into the ever popular olio portion of the show.

The Summer Fun Olio kicked off with a number of songs by the Beatles, as well as a lot of other popular rock ’n’ roll songs, from yesterday and today. The audience seemed to love the olios almost as much as they did the actual play. The highlight was the hilarious guitar compilation performed by the men in the play.

The cast had such great chemistry that no one actor stood out more than the rest. The comedic timing and musicality were on par with other shows the theater regularly performs. It was truly a group effort that had the audience members laughing and enjoying themselves for the duration of the evening.

For those regular audience members who are familiar with Desert Star shows, “The Addams Family Home Evening” is everything they have come to expect from the place with the “Always Fun” slogan. For first-time visitors, this show might just get them hooked.

Landon Walters is a history and political science major at Salt Lake Community College. He is an avid sports fan and loves writing. Email: [email protected]