The Provo Civil Service Commission ruled Wednesday that Cody Harris should be reinstated as a Provo police officer. He was fired in May for making "inappropriate gestures" while wearing only a Speedo at a birthday celebration at Provo High School.

PROVO — A Provo police officer fired for removing his pants and flaunting a green Speedo-style swimsuit at a school function has been reinstated following a ruling by the Provo Civil Service Commission.

Jonathon Cody Harris, who was serving as a Provo High school resource officer at the time of the incident, will now be reinstated into the Provo Police Department's patrol division.

Harris appealed his termination to the Provo Civil Service Commission, which sent notice Wednesday that the officer should get his job back.

"While we stand by our initial decision, as a department, we will honor the commission’s ruling," said Provo Police Sgt. Brandon Post. "We will now focus on moving forward and we will make sure that officer Harris has a successful transition back to active duty status."

Post said Harris will receive "appropriate training to assist with that transition."

Harris was fired last month after pulling down his pants in front of as many as 10 female students and making "inappropriate gestures" while wearing only a Speedo and a hoodie, according to police.

Harris was attending a birthday celebration for an administrative assistant at the high school.

Provo police officials said Harris violated several department rules of conduct, including sexual harassment. In a letter dismissing Harris, Chief Rick Gregory called the officer's actions "unbecoming of a police officer" and said they have "adversely affected the work environment at Provo High School."

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