CEDAR CITY — The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has appointed a committee and agreed to search for funding to fix a breach at Navajo Lake in Kane County.

Business owners, however, are concerned the lake will be gone before the problem is fixed.

Navajo Lake is a popular destination for anglers, and it's the mainstay of businesses in the Duck Creek area. But a 50-foot wide breach is threatening to drain the lake. It is losing about a foot of water a month, and sits at about 10 feet deep in its deepest areas.

During the meeting Tuesday night, DWR officials discussed several solutions to fix the leak, but no firm plans were agreed upon. 

Temporarily fixing the dike will cost between $50,000 and $100,000, according to Iron County Commissioner Alma Adams. Fixing it or replacing it would cost about $2 million. He said the funding would come from state and federal sources, although how that will be worked out has yet to be determined.

A company will drill test holes along the top of the dike to determine if it can be repaired or whether a new one needs to be built.

Barry Reisig, owner of the Navajo Lake Lodge, expressed frustration that state officials didn't offer any solid plan during Tuesday’s meeting. He wants the leak to be patched immediately. Lower lake levels and the closure of a major road in the area means fewer people are visiting the lake, and businesses are seeing lower revenues.

Construction on a new dike would not start until 2015.

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