UTAH STATE PRISON — A 26-year-old inmate at the Utah State Prison was injured when he was stabbed by his cellmate, prison officials said.

The inmate's injuries were not life-threatening.

Just before 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, a 27-year-old man and his 26-year-old cellmate got into an argument and the victim received what was described as "puncture wounds," said Department of Corrections spokesman Steve Gehrke.

The inmate was transferred to a local hospital. Neither the name of the victim nor the name of the suspect were immediately released due to security reasons. Gehrke said both were in maximum security at the prison.

The alleged attacker was already serving a sentence on several convictions including aggravated assault. The victim was serving a sentence for aggravated robbery. They had been cellmates for about four months, he said.

The facility where the two were being housed was temporarily placed in lockdown while officials investigated the incident. The area remained in lockdown Wednesday.

Gehrke said Unified police would investigate the incident, including a possible motive for the attack. Investigators were also trying to determine if an undisclosed item that was recovered from the cell was the weapon used in the assault.

The alleged attacker could face additional criminal charges.

Pat Reavy, Twitter: DNewsCrimeTeam