People work to bring water in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

"Good News!" There’s a new blog titled just that, produced by Brigham Young University religious professor Sherri Mills Johnson.

And while we’re talking about BYU blogs, let us travel north to find a fantastic family history blog at BYU-Idaho. And then we zoom south to BYU-Hawaii to find some blogs that feature incredible art.

First, the "Good News!" blog.

Professor Johnson invites readers to check it out: “During the year I write an inspirational message each day based on gospel principles.” Here is a taste of a recent one: “All of us know the importance of reaching out to support and encourage others when they are going through adversity or hard times. But there is a growing body of new psychological research that shows that supporting others in good times impacts the quality of a relationship much more than when we support them in bad times.” Click in for more and check back often.

And have you seen the BYU-Idaho Family History Center blog? It purports to help “BYU-Idaho Students Discover their Family History,” but the resources are cool enough that I think it should be expanded to help everyone. For instance, the most recent post teaches about the power of newspapers in discovering the stories of ancestors.

I happen to really like newspapers (and you thought I only liked blogs) as tools for finding information and disseminating it out to the world. And that’s only the beginning of the blog. Scroll through past posts to find even more great genealogy helps.

Finally, I love that you can explore the art of BYU-Hawaii students at BYU Art blogs. These include blogs featuring painting, drawing, design, sculpting and foundation classes. This is such a great use of the blog platform, with some incredible images to scroll through. I also love that some of the sites include slideshows. So fun!

Now let’s educate ourselves more about blogs from the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: Let’s go on some “Humanitarian Adventures” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to see what types of amazing service projects are happening there. These missionaries take us on this virtual journey that includes many descriptions and photos. Did you know that “The (LDS) Church requires any group for whom they build a well to form a committee that oversees the upkeep of the well”? At the first site they visit, “the committee is functioning just as it should. A technician was even on site this day making sure everything was working.” Click in for much more!

Techie tip: How do “Different Generations Consume Media”? This new infographic summarily lays it out in concise fashion. Not only does it showcase what types of media are being consumed by what age groups — it also shows the times of day. As Larry Richman says, this information is important for media producers because “if you have a message you want to send to a specific age group, you should be aware of the vehicles they use to consume media and at what times of the day. If you send your message through the wrong channels or at the wrong time of the day, it is probably being received by the wrong the crowd.” Fascinating. Check it out!

Emily Warburton Jensen loves searching through the LDS blog world for developments and testimonies that best capture the ever-evolving LDS online experience. Email: [email protected]