The Gardiner Sisters are encouraging other BYU-Hawaii students to start their careers while going to school, much like they have.

Why wait to start a career when you have the means to do so now? Musical sisters and BYU-Hawaii students Hailey and Allie Gardiner are encouraging other students to pursue their careers while in college just as they have, according to Ke Alaka'i.

"If any student has a goal or career, remember to keep the Lord involved," Allie Gardiner, a freshman studying graphic design, told Ke Alaka'I. "He'll work with you and help you to achieve your dream. He wants to help you be happy and be successful."

Originally from North Carolina, the sisters' band, called "The Gardiner Sisters," began on YouTube in 2008. They sang their original songs on YouTube and in talent competitions and festivals and were even invited to sing in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada, said the article.

"In order to be successful, confidence is the key," said Gardiner to Ke Alaka'i. "Don't compare. You are something unique. There's always going to be someone better than you. It shouldn't stop you."