Education is known for being a stable career, but educators can be prone to problems when unexpected risks do arise.

Is your career prone to risks, or are you in threat of not knowing what to do when a risk comes?

"In the short term, low volatility means stability," according to the blog of Tim Ferriss, "Experiments in Life Design." "Over the long run, however, low volatility leads to increased vulnerability, because it renders the system less resilient to unthinkable eternal shocks."

Careers that tend to be filled with risk are business, entertainment and sales, according to the blog. Those that are non-risky and seen as more stable are education, health care and engineering.

Prepare now so that you can take intelligent risks when a career-risk crosses your path, the blog says. Saying "yes" more will open opportunities to trying small things every day. Approach the risk positively so it doesn't overexaggerate it, said the article.