CLEARFIELD — A man who police said had his front door booby-trapped and surveillance cameras posted outside his house was arrested on drug-related charges.

On Thursday, sheriff's investigators and Clearfield police arrived at a house, 111 E. Center Street, about 11 a.m. to serve an arrest warrant, said Davis County Sheriff's Sgt. Susan Poulsen. Police did not release the information until Monday.

No one answered the door, but drug-sniffing K9s indicated there were drugs inside the doorway and officers could hear movement inside the house, Poulsen said. Detectives also spotted at least two surveillance video cameras outside the structure, she said.

Detectives obtained a search warrant and used a battering ram to enter the house through its front door, which was being "fortified" by 2x4s, Poulsen said. The door also had wires hooked to it, apparently intended to shock or electrocute anyone who entered, Poulsen said.

The wires were not plugged in when police entered. Poulsen said he did not know how strong the charge would be if the wires were engaged to an outlet.

Inside, 22-year-old Chelsie Martinez refused to cooperate with police, Poulsen said. She was arrested for investigation of drug possession and obstruction of justice.

Investigators then searched the rest of the house and found their main target, Brandon Michael Lewis, 36, who had been hiding under a pile of insulation in the attic for about an hour, Poulsen said. By the time officers found him, he was ready to surrender, she said.

"It was extremely hot in the attic — between 120 to 150 degrees. He was sweating profusely," Poulsen said.

Lewis was arrested for investigation of drug possession with intent to distribute in addition to his warrants. He was charged in 2nd District Court in February with felony drug possession with intent to distribute, according to court records, and felony drug possession in a separate case.

Drugs, including methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia were seized from the house.