If the Internet ceased to exist, the cost to keep in touch with friends through snail mail would cost the United States $6.3 trillion in stamps, according to Online Education.

Today people use the Internet for practically everything. There are about 550 million websites today, with 300 million of them added in 2011, according to Online Education.

However, bills such as Stop Online Piracy Act, Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act and Preventing Real Online Threats to Economy could change the state of the Internet, according to the infographic. Online Education took a look at how life would change without the Internet.

In the United States alone, 1.2. million people use the Internet as their job. Worldwide, it offers 3.05 million jobs, which calculates wages to be about $300 billion, according to Online Education

Costs of going back to the past of snail mail and using the Encyclopedia Britannica would end up being 80 times more than the cost of Internet services, said the article. Instead of Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica would hit the shelves again at $1,200 for a complete set.

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