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Provided by Running Press
"Major League Dads" is a compilation of lessons learned from their fathers from more than 130 MLB players.

Here are some books about fathers that have crossed our desks recently.

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"MAJOR LEAGUE DADS: Baseball's Best Players Reflect on the Fathers Who Inspired Them to Love the Game," edited by Kevin Neary and Leigh A. Tobin, Running Press, $20, 252 pages (nf)

More than 130 Major League Baseball players offer short, and at times humorous, stories about their fathers and influence on their lives.

The stories include those who coached them as very young ball players to those who helped instill a positive work ethic and were their son's biggest cheerleader.

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More hardback books recently released:

"STUFF EVERY DAD SHOULD KNOW," by Brett Cohen (nf): This pocket guide includes tips on a variety of topics from changing a child's diaper, getting rid of monsters under the bed to the birds and bees talk and giving advice to teenagers.

"TOP DRAWER DADS: Celebrating Fathers as They Shape Our Lives," by Dr. Thomas F. Mahan and Marjie Aldom Smith (nf): It's the top drawer of Dad's dresser that can contain special items that may have a meaningful story for their children.

"BE A BETTER DAD TODAY! 10 Tools Every Father Needs," by Gregory W. Slayton (nf): Divided into three parts, this book includes tools to help empower dads from relationships to love to attitude, along with tips for single dads and long-distance dads.

"101 THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR RETIRED MAN … to get him out from under your feet!" by Gabrelle Mander, illustrated by Sophie Joyce (nf): This humorous, tongue-in-cheek book offers ways to help fill time for a man who is now retired and finds himself home all of the time.

"MY TOP 40 AT 40: Making the First Half Count," by Kari Loya (nf): The author shares adventures and favorite stories in celebration of his 40th birthday.

"A GOOD MAN: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver," by Mark K. Shriver (nf): Mark Shriver shares memories and the life of his father.

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"A FORK IN THE ROAD: A Father, Son and Lesson for Life," by Matthew S. Holland, Covenant Communications, $2.49, 4 pages (nf)

This story of 9-year-old Matt and his dad setting off to see the Grand Canyon, not only provides a lesson learned about choices, but also spiritual lessons about prayer.

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More paperback books recently released:

"DAD ARE YOU THERE?" by Kenny Kemp (f): A story that is written as an allegory about a son's relationship with his father and growing up.

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"WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOUR WIFE IS EXPANDING: A Reassuring Month-by-Month Guide for the Father-to-Be Whether He Wants Advice or Not," 3rd edition, by Thomas Hill (nf)