SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Gov. Gary Herbert says Utah is on the right track after a Bureau of Labor statistics report shows Utah added 28,800 jobs during May.

According to the report, Utah's unemployment rate dropped from 6.9 percent to 6.0 percent during May. Herbert said the data confirm the success of Utah’s economic policies.

“A low tax burden, steady regulation, and an educated workforce are consistently proven as the best components for economic growth,” Herbert said in a prepared statement. “And these latest numbers prove that Utah is steadily growing out of the recession.”

The governor also said that Utah maintained a growth rate 1.5 times the national average, at 2.4 percent.

“Utah is the best place for business — period,” Herbert said. “However, our unemployment rate is still too high for comfort. These numbers and accolades are wonderful for our great state. But I won’t rest until every Utahn who wants a job, has a job.”

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