David J. Phillip, Associated Press
A man walks along a trail in Houston. Those who are at retirement age tend to have the most healthy lifestyles, while many of those looking for employment stop having good health habits.

Unemployed people look past fruits and vegetables and pass up exercising more than employed people, according to a study done by Gallup.

Those who work full-time or are part-time employees scored 60.8 on practicing good health habits weekly, as opposed to 59.1 percent of those who were unemployed, according to the article.

Exercising for 30 minutes is the one area in which a few age groups of unemployed people scored higher. Ages 65 and older scored 3.1 more than those who are employed full time. In fact, those at retirement age tend to improve their eating habits and other healthy behaviors.

"People who make healthier life choices are more likely to hold and sustain employment and may be able to travel to and from work and put in a full day of work more comfortable than those who lead less healthy lives," said the article.