In an interview about his new book, "Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics," New York Times op-ed columnist Russ Douthat explains the lack of inspiring sacred art in American culture and what could be done about it.

In response to writer John Williams' question on the quality of religious art, Douthat says the insignificance of sacred art and architecture in the post-1960s era can partially be blamed on "the secular biases of our artists and intellectuals."

But then Douthat holds believers responsible for failing to produce the novels, films or cathedrals "that would testify, more eloquently than any polemic, to the Christian view of God and man."

Williams followed up his column by soliciting from his Times colleagues their favorite books with a religious theme or setting. Three staffers, including Williams, came up with a list of seven titles.

Then Williams put out a request for readers to chime in via Twitter and published this week a selected list of the "many responses" he received.