Parenting can be like playing the piano. Let’s say you’ve loved music for years, but one day someone sits you down in front of this big instrument with 88 keys and tells you to play something — and make it good! It’s a pretty tall charge unless you have an instruction book and some lessons. Even then, it can take years to make music that’s appealing to the ear.

Similarly, you can love children, but once that newborn is out of the womb and in your hands, he or she is all yours. There are no accompanying instructions, and you’re expected to know how to raise this incredible human being — by trial and error — and do it well.

On our Father’s Day edition of “Mormon Times TV,” you’ll see what’s in a simple new guidebook, or manual of sorts, for fathers. Author Treion Muller gives us a few of his 81 “Dad Rules” that will encourage dads with a no-guilt approach. You’ll also meet an incredible father who has 10 children, six of whom are adopted.

The aim of the LDS Church’s Duty to God program is to help boys become good priesthood holders, missionaries and fathers. You’ll hear from some teenagers as well as David Beck, general president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Young Men organization, who will explain how he uses Duty to God in his own life.

Plus on June 17, you’ll see the stirring story of a missionary serving in Costa Rica who saw the fruits of his labors nearly 50 years later, thanks to a post on a social networking site.

And it’s huge in other states, although it might be a foreign idea here in Utah — an “LDS Prom.” We’ll head north of Atlanta to see how hundreds of teenagers spent their prom night in a fun and wholesome environment.

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