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Scott Sampson is a curator of vertebrate paleontology and assistant professor of geology and geophysics at the University of Utah. Geophysics and most other science fields are becoming an automatic guarantee for a job.

Nowadays college students may be looking for the major that will guarantee them a job, rather than a preferred career choice. Last month, 1 in 10 Americans were unable to find a job, according to Investopedia.

Below are three career fields that will probably lead to a job.

Unemployment rates at zero can be found in science fields, such as in geophysics, said the article. Jobs that require a deeper study in the science field would be criminal justice or geoscience.

For mathematics majors, the unemployment rate hits as high as 5 percent, which is still below the national average, according to Investopedia. An automatic job in the math field is actuarial science, which will study statistics, math and computer programming.

Though not every healthcare profession has a guarantee, many of the careers do. "The top four majors included a medical technology technician, nursing, treatment therapy and a medical assistant," said the article.