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DVD cover of "Jonah and the Great Fish."

"JONAH AND THE GREAT FISH," Liken the Scriptures and Lightstone Pictures, $14.95, 83 minutes (ages 8-12)

"Jonah and the Great Fish" is the fifth production from the Liken the Scriptures series. Much like the other installments in this series, "Jonah" is a family-friendly, modern, musical-theater-style production.

"Jonah" is the story of Chloe (Summer Sloan) who, along with her family, reluctanly move to a new city, which means a new school where Chloe doesn't fit in. In an effort to give Chole direction and counsel for this new situation, Chole's father (Jeremy Elliott) recounts the Bible story of Jonah (David Osmond). The story is reimagined in the mind of eighth-grader Chloe, who converts her father's account of the first three chapters of the book of Jonah in the Old Testament into an adventure.

The story features escapades with rival gangs in Ninevah, the reluctant prophet Jonah and a trip under the sea with sympathetically humanized Humphrey, the "great fish" in whose digestive tract Jonah finds residency for three days.

The DVD release features animated menus and behind-the-scenes footage from around the set during production.

Light on doctrine and very loose on accuracies to the Biblical account, "Jonah" features average original music with a couple slightly above-average performances. Resembling a big-budget high school musical, "Jonah" is filmed well, but the dialogue is almost entirely overdubbed, and not always accurately. If you are needing to entertain children from 8 to 12 years of age, "Jonah" is a safe addition to your home DVD library.

Liken's "Jonah and the Great Fish," DVD Trailer

Trailer for "Jonah and the Great Fish," Liken's first feature-length movie musical starring David Osmond as Jonah and produced by Lightstone Pictures.

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