SPRINGVILLE — Residents in certain parts of Springville may need to discontinue renting out basement apartments.

The City Council has decided not to amend an ordinance regarding accessory dwelling units, which are apartments located within a single-family dwelling or in a building located on a lot with a single-family home.

The council had considered an ordinance to expand the area where accessory apartments are allowed from Plat A (400 North to 400 South and 400 West to 400 East) to all residential areas of city.

But because the council did not amend the ordinance, any accessory apartments located outside of Plat A that were not existing legally at some time in the past may now be illegal and will need to be discontinued.A s complaints are received about violations of the ordinance, city officials say those will be investigated. If a violation is found, the unit will need to be vacated.

City officials promised to work with residents on reasonable time tables. For more information, contact the Community Development Department at 801-491-7861.