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Sean Barton holds 12 offers and plans on making his commit before the start of next season.

WOODS CROSS, Utah — With the intense June recruiting period set to kick off, the top in-state prospects are beginning to emerge. With 12 offers and counting, Woods Cross High’s Sean Barton appears to be the state’s top uncommitted prospect.

Barton currently holds offers from Utah, BYU, Utah State, Stanford, Colorado, Oregon State, Arizona State, Washington, Boise State, Cal, Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech.

“It’s getting crazy,” said the 6-foot-3, 225-pound linebacker prospect. “Every day I’m getting more and more calls, and just the other day I get offered by Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech. It’s nice to have so many schools interested in me, and I plan on carefully considering all of them.”

Indeed, Barton has taken unofficial visits to some of the schools on his offer list and plans on visiting each and every one of them by the end of summer. After seeing them up close, he’ll then decide which university program fits him best.

The school that Barton is perhaps the most familiar with is Utah, having grown up a big Ute fan. He’s met with Utah coaches on several occasions and is very familiar with the campus and the program.

So is Utah a lock to secure his services?

“Absolutely not,” answered Barton. “Yes, I grew up a Ute fan, but that doesn’t guarantee that I’m going to play for Utah. I like Utah a lot, obviously, but I like a lot of other schools as well. I don’t really have one favorite school right now.”

In a recent article, Barton listed his four favorites as being Utah, Stanford, Cal and Washington, but that’s not to suggest that he’ll ultimately decide between those four programs.

Of the schools he’s considering, Stanford, in particular, holds a lot of interest from Barton beacause of the strength of its academic programs.

“My dream is to play in the NFL like most recruits, but there’s life after football and I want to prepare for that,” said Barton. “Stanford obviously has incredible academics, so that’s something I like a lot about them and it’s a great football program. Academics will play a big part in my decision.”

Although Barton bled red growing up, he still holds interest in BYU. He’s been down to the Cougar campus to see it up close and came away with a good impression.

“A lot of people assume that I hate BYU because I’m a Ute fan, but that isn’t the case at all,” said Barton. “I respect BYU’s program and I’ve gotten to know the coaches on visits down there and I like the feel of the place. BYU is one of the schools I’ll consider.”

Barton plans on making his commitment prior to the beginning of his senior season. Upon graduation he has plans to leave straight for his two-year LDS Church mission before enrolling.

“All of the schools that are recruiting me know of my mission plans and have no problem with them,” said Barton.

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