MURRAY — Police said a couple offering free gasoline in exchange for cash was arrested this week by Unified police officers.

Sunday afternoon, Matthew King, 30, and Janice Trujillo, 26, were in front of 7-Eleven, 4051 S. State, and offering customers $40 worth of gasoline on their credit card if they were willing to give them $20 in cash, said Unified police Levi Hughes.

One man took them up on the offer, but apparently let his conscence get the best of him and called police, he said.

When officers arrived at the convenience store, they found the couple still at the store.

Investigators believe King stole a company credit card and was attempting to extract cash through the gas-incentive scheme. He is suspected of attempting to use the card more than 20 times in recent days and had more than $6,000 in pending charges, Hughes said.

The card was canceled on May 29, but the couple was still able to make purchases, he said.

Both were booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of 17 counts of unlawful use of a credit card.

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