SARATOGA SPRINGS — High temperatures and sparse rainfall are taking their toll on the Saratoga Springs water system.

Some homeowners got a big surprise during the past few days as they discovered their secondary water was shut off. Melanie Castillo and her husband weren't sure what was going on.

“We called the city several times, left messages through emails, through phone, nothing got returned,” she said. Several homeowners in the Loch Lomond Subdivision noticed the same problem.

Saratoga Springs uses two water systems, one for culinary water and one for irrigation water.

“We found ourselves coming pretty low in our culinary or drinking water tanks,” said Saratoga Springs assistant city manager Spencer Kyle. He said all that heat and increased watering drained the system. They started supplementing with culinary water and pretty soon those supplies started dropping, too.

“We thought if it went any lower, we could be in jeopardy of running out of drinking water or having fire protection in our city,” he said.

For a couple of days the city shut off irrigation water affecting several neighborhoods. City officials started to refill city tanks this week and getting those systems running again. The city was expected to turn on irrigation systems again Tuesday tonight, and then turning them off again during the day for about a couple of weeks. The city is asking people to water only about once every three days.

Mike Anderson